The company name should officially be referred to as Modoka. Other possibilities are: MODOKA, Modoka Studios or Modoka Studios Entertainment.

Modoka Right  - MODOKA Right  - Modoka Studios Entertainment Right 


Our docs and branding use a handful of primary colors. Most common colors are Black, White and Red.

modoka-black-color modoka-red-color modoka-white-color





Mark and logo

Use either the Modoka mark (a symbol) or the standard logo (MODOKA). These are the official colors for our logo’s. The standard logo (MODOKA) has the second “O” substituted by the Modoka mark.

Our logos are free to share, edit and use for non-malicious purposes only. For more information about our free-licensed logo click here. We encourage people to share our brand as much as possible and participate in the growth of our name. Our logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. For other permissions or information reach us at our official e-mail: