FJM Homebrew Downloads, Statistics and Impressions (09-2019)

FJM Homebrew ( is a hobbyist subsidiary of Modoka. FJM Homebrew is a Homebrew gaming-related blog and developer. Founded in 2011, FJM Homebrew has been an active part in the Sony PSP, PS3 and PSVITA scene.

Having more than a quarter-million downloads, almost half a million page views and more than 100,000 views on YouTube leaves FJM Homebrew as one of the bigger powerhouses in the PlayStation® Homebrew scene. In conclusion, this means that this subsidiary garnered more than 1,000,000 impressions throughout the years. Collectively, these numbers dominate the Homebrew-gaming related media for handhelds.

With these statistics and numbers, we at Modoka can proudly say that we have shared our products (Homebrew games, Indie games, freeware, apps) with more than a million users. For that, we want to thank you and keep our brand growing. These statistics are not complete and there is a chance that this list will be updated in the future. For the download statistics, we will be combining the most popular destinations for FJM Homebrew games and applications. These downloads have been rounded up nearest 50 and 100. The download numbers have been found at the following sources:

  • FJM Homebrew
  • IndieDB
  • Brewology
  • Google Code
  • DashHacks

There are a total of ten Homebrew projects released on FJM Homebrew. To clarify, these Homebrew games are free of charge, and older versions may contain some protected assets. But most importantly, these games have contributed to the wishes of the Homebrew enthusiasts. Below you can see a Top 10 Most Downloaded diagram of said projects:

Below you can see a graph of the traffic on the blog and most importantly: the visits and pageviews. The stats show more than half a million interactions have taken place on FJM Homebrew by worldwide visitors. As a result, this makes Modoka certainly a global brand.

The stats are courtesy of WassUp Stats:

Downloads of FJM Homebrew in details:

The following table displays the collected download data from various sources as mentioned above. However, there are other sources that have not been added to the table yet and will be in the future.

IndieDB Downloads:             Code Google Downloads (2011-2015):*        
MKPSP: V4.9     7850     MKPSP All versions     30000
Slender PSP V1.0     3300     Sonymon All versions     10000
MKPSP: V4.8     2050     Slender PSP / Portable All versions     7000
Sonymon V0.4     1250     DH PSP All versions     5000
DHPSP: V1.3     700     Rayman PSP All versions     2000
DHPSP: V1.2     550     Webtastic All versions     1500
MKPSP: V4.7     250     Nyan Cat PSP All versions     1000
gSquare V1.1T     250     Mario Boat Trip All versions     750
              FJM File Launcher All versions     1600
Brewology Downloads:             Dashhacks downloads:        
MKPSP: V4.0     50850     MKPSP V4.9     8650
MKPSP: V3.2     35250     Slender PSP V1.0     6700
MKPSP: V2.9     32600     Mario Boat Trip V0.1     3200
MKPSP: V2.8     9850     Sonymon  v0.4     1450
MKPSP: V1.0     8350     Webtastic V1.4     1200
MKPSP: V4.7     3300     MKPSP PSPHGC2013     950
Slender PSP: V1.0     2750     Sonymon  PSPHGC2013     450
DHPSP: V1.1     2550              
Slender Portable: V1.0     2300              
Webtastic V1.1     2050              
Webtastic V1.0     1850 downloads:        
FJM File Launcher: V5.0     1650     Slender PSP V1.00 /1.00S     42000
DHPSP: V1.0     1300              
FJM File Launcher: V4.0     1200     GBATemp downloads:        
FJM File Launcher V6.0     1000     Sonymon V0.4     300
Webtastic V1.4     850     DHPSP V1.0     400
Webtastic V1.3     800              
Sonymon V0.3     700              
Sonymon V0.2     650              
Sonymon HD     650              
DHPSP: Beta 2     600              
Sonymon Beta 9     550              
Total Per Game downloads:                      
MKPSP  Total:     179800              
DHPSP Total:     11100              
Sonymon Total:     15350              
Slender PSP / Portable Total:     64050              
gSquare Total:     250              
Webtastic Total:     8250              
FJM File / Offline Launcher Total:     5450              
Mario Boat Trip Total:     3950              
Nyan Cat PSP Total:     1000              
Rayman PSP Total:     2000              
                    Total DLs: 291 200
                    (rounded nearest 50)

To clarify, Google Code has been discontinued since early 2016, therefore no new downloads have been counted since then. Subsequently, other websites have hosted download links for our Homebrew games that are in the same vein as ourselves. Which as a result contributed to a wider audience outside our own ecosystem. Out of all these downloads, these files have been downloaded the most according to the numbers and statistics:

To sum up, having more than a million impressions and growing our current brand through our subsidiaries is a great way to carry on the legacy of FJM Homebrew and Modoka Studios Entertainment as a whole. Therefore, a thank you in order. Thank you for those who were at the beginning of FJM Homebrew, and to those who just found out what a Homebrew game is.

In short, we are excited to share more project in the future with our fans!


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Disclaimer: FJM Homebrew does not own all of the assets or images contained in the Homebrew files. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance favour of fair use.  No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved.

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