Homebrew Hub: Downloads, Statistics, Views and Impressions (01-2020)

Homebrew Hub (homebrew-hub.com) is a subsidiary of Modoka. Homebrew Hub is a brand management company with the primary focus on PlayStation Homebrew related blogs and projects. Founded in 2020, Homebrew Hub has various Homebrew related sites and blogs under its management including FJMHomebrew.com, Homebrew Idol and Homebrew Video Library. Homebrew Hub has multiple brands under its umbrella, including previous Modoka subsidiary FJMHomebrew.com. Here you will find a few graphs and stats regarding downloads and (former) registered users of these brands. These brands are:  

FJM Homebrew, FouadtjuhMaster and MASTER

FJM Homebrew (fjmhomebrew.com) is a Homebrew gaming-related blog and personal blog of Homebrew developer FouadtjuhMaster. FJM Homebrew is the number one place to find downloads, videos, posts and Homebrew games made by the developer. There are a total of ten freeware Homebrew projects released on FJM Homebrew. To clarify, these Homebrew games are free of charge, and older versions may contain some protected assets. But most importantly, these games have contributed to the wishes of the Homebrew enthusiasts. Below you can see a graph with the download of each Homebrew game released on the website:   The combined download count of these Homebrew projects is 382.100, which makes FJM Homebrew a huge player in a niche market. These downloads are a combined number of various downloads from different Homebrew providers (IndieDB, Brewology, FJM Homebrew, Dashhacks, Scenebeta etc.). Below you can see a graph of the traffic on the blog and most importantly: the visits and pageviews. The stats show more than half a million interactions have taken place on FJM Homebrew by worldwide visitors. As a result, this makes Modoka certainly a global brand.

The stats are courtesy of WassUp Stats:   Below you can see every Homebrew project, its version and the source in detail:   While FJM Homebrew corresponds as a blog and download hub and FouadtjuhMaster being the Homebrew developer, MASTER Hacks & Homebrew is the video provider of the three. MASTER focusses on gameplay videos of Homebrew games and application as well as walkthroughs and tutorials. Hosted on YouTube, MASTER has reached 150.000+ views on the video platform. The Homebrew content (walkthroughs, gameplay etc.) is sub branded as Homebrew Video Library. Below you can see views of the content of MASTER:  

PS-Media NL

PS-Media NL consists of the former forum and tech news sites: PSP-Media.nl, PS3-Media.nl, GSM-Media, PSVita-Media.nl and NGP-Media.nl. These sites had combined more than half a million registered users. Below you can see the number of users on these sites:


Furthermore, the sites contained a database with many Homebrew games and application catered to the Benelux PlayStation Homebrew enthusiasts. These files have been downloaded more than 600.000 times. Below you can see the amount of the downloads.


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