Modoka reaches 15K+ followers and 250K+ downloads for Saddies: Attack!!

15,000+ Followers on Twitter

Modoka’s main social media platform has been Twitter. We have had @Modoka on Twitter as our main page since our foundation. Additionally to our Twitter page, we are also active on Facebook and Instagram to a lesser extent.

Modoka on Twitter has been used in the first place as a tool to reach our audience and consumers directly. After having build and experienced the wholesome independent videogame scene on Twitter, we’ve learned, been inspired and motivated to also deliver more. We too want to contribute in addition to our own projects with other indie developers. Twitter has been equally important in building these bridges as our homepage. Having a Twitter page with a following correspondingly with our homepage and projects has been a big help for Modoka. We have reached more than millions of people through uniquely build messages. Not to mention the identically unique fans we’ve had to pleasure talking and interacting with. You are as much part of Modoka as we are!


250,000+ Downloads for Saddies: Attack!!

Saddies: Attack!! is Modoka’s first multi-platform title released by us. Therefore, having reached 250K+ downloads through our great partners at GamersGate and an amazing milestone for Modoka. We want to thank all our supporting fans for this accomplishment. We will count on your support in the future as well. Modoka is working on exciting new titles, projects and more. Be sure to keep an eye out as we will try to involve you in our journey.

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