What’s cooking in the Modoka kitchen? First releases for 2021 announced!

Lockdowns, pandemics and COVID have resulted in a tough 2020 for Modoka and a majority of the world. But we won’t let the world show us their game-over screen just yet.

A few months ago we made an announcement on our official Modoka Twitter:

First release of the year was BDEF: Base Defenders

We announced upcoming changes and an active 2021 with more games and fun! Therefore, we are gladly showing some fruits from this fun-tree. In addition to our reconstruction, we will keep developing and publishing games. After that, we will look ways to grow our brand. We have released our first title for our 2021 line-up back in Q1: BDEF: Base Defenders.

BDef: Base Defenders is a tower defense strategy game in which you must defend your base from wave after wave of invading enemy bots. Plan your defense tower placement wisely so as to guide the enemy bots through a path that will ensure they spend as much time as possible within the effective ranges of your defensive towers.

Prevent numerous waves of enemy forces from reaching your fortress. Each time an enemy reaches your fortress it will become damaged until the structure is no longer sound and the game is lost. The amount of damage your fortress can withstand is listed in the lower part of the HUD to the left of the “Wave” indicator and is complimented with the image of a heart.



Upcoming mobile project Swiple available soon

Swiple is designed for endless playing time. Challenge yourself, your friends or your family in who can get the highest score! Use quick reflexes and alert senses to collect as many orbs as possible. Play endlessly and try to challenge your previous high score! As a result, you compete against yourself or your friends. Do you think you have what it takes?

Swiple is a simple and easy-to-play game. The player controls the cursor with the touchscreen of the device. By swiping, the player can move the cursor. Swiple allows the player to move in the following directions: Left, Right, Up and Down. The objective is to collect as many orbs as possible while avoiding the blue balls. This way you can earn points. These point will contribute to your high-score; the main objective of the game is to get an as high as possible high-score and challenge the player in reaching this goal.




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