Announcing Project Sonymon (Working Title), a turn-based RPG

So, Project Sonymon… Something new? Well, this project has been around since 2011, but somewhat different than what you are going to expect in the future. Below you can read some information regarding the project, however, the information is mainly regarding the PSP version, which will differ from our current project.

Originally created by the founder of KosmicSoft Development, Sonymon (Homebrew) is a role-playing game, and back when it first released, one of a kind PSP Homebrew.

After 9 beta releases, the first “stable” Sonymon version was released on Dec 31, 2011, for the Sony PSP. However, we are heading a whole new direction with this. We new innovative ideas and concepts, we are trying to remove the similarity and give a new flair to the game

Sonymon was not a simple Homebrew game to make. With somewhat 15000 lines of code, this game took much time to create. The gameplay is similar to the famous Pokémon franchise, despite being able to catch other creatures. You can train your comrade Sonymon, and help to stop the outraging wild Sonymon.The v0.3 update added new characters, which were either heavily or fully influenced by the Pokémon bootleg game Pokémon Chaos Black. Some of these sprites remained the same name respectively.

Our vision for this project is to make Project Sonymon an exciting turn-based RPG game, with point-click visuals. At the moment, we are experimenting with different programmers and different engines. We’re throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. It is an exciting adventure. We welcome any help people can offer.

We want to enjoy the process of development. Therefore Project Sonymon won’t be scheduled for a release date. Our regular process will differ from this one.

Project Sonymon is a homage to our roots as Homebrew game developers

norbonge-new  zipuma-new  Arsande-Wallpaper

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