Q4 2019: Releases, announcements and more


Karol Ball (release: October 1st 2019)

Karol Ball is the latest Modoka mobile game to set for release. In Karol Ball, the player controls a circular projectile through various patches of grass. This will continue until you hit the ceiling. You can download Karol Ball for free on the Google Play store.

The ball is controlled by touching the left and right side of your device’s screen. Use this mechanism to move the ball down the platforms. You can challenge yourself by choosing from multiple game modes.

Play endlessly and try to challenge your previous high-score! As a result, you compete against yourself or your friends.

Karoll Ball will be available worldwide (excluding China) on Google Play. Karoll Ball will be another free mobile game available for all players. We hope to keep getting your support.

You can choose from the game modes: Easy, medium and hard. Each game mode has different scrolling speed, therefore this game is available for all kinds of players. Those who like a challenge can choose the harder game modes, while a beginner rather chooses the easier game mode



Desert Runners (release: October 18th 2019)

In Desert Runners, the player controls three runners during their journey through the desert. The longer you avoid obstacles (like cacti and bones) the higher your high score will be. You can control the runners by dragging their lanes. Once there is an obstacle on one of the runners’ lane, be sure to drag the runner to a clear lane to avoid a collision.
Desert Runners is a mobile game developed by Iranian game developer AB Anbe Studio in collaboration with Iran Game Development Institute as a participant in the Global Game Jam.


Lost Knight (release: November 10th 2019)

The Lost Knight is a 2D Action RPG game in which you have to guide a knight through multiple stages in which you’ll encounter demons, monsters and other horrible creatures that try to take your life.

You wake up in the forgotten forest not knowing who you are or how you got there. Fight through the demons in the forgotten forest. Advance through dark woods to find your way home. During this endeavour, you’ll have your trustworthy sword and archery utilities to protect yourself against certain horrors.




BDef (release: TBD)

BDef is a tower defence strategy game in which you must defend your base from wave after wave of invading enemy bots. Plan your defence tower placement wisely so as to guide the enemy bots through a path that will ensure they spend as much time as possible within the effective ranges of your defensive towers. BDef is streamed so levels will continue to download while you play the game.

Developed by Adam T. Ryder (Saddies: Attack!! and Projectile Guardian), the object in BDef is to prevent numerous waves of enemy forces from reaching your fortress. Each time an enemy reaches your fortress it will become damaged until the structure is no longer sound and the game is lost. The amount of damage your fortress can withstand is listed in the lower part of the HUD to the left of the “Wave” indicator and is complimented with the image of a heart. There are various different types of enemy bots which do different amounts of damage to your base.

Towers may be upgraded or deconstructed at any time. To upgrade or deconstruct a tower simply left-click on the tower to bring up the tower’s information card. The number on the deconstruct button represents the amount of scrap you will receive should you choose to deconstruct this tower, the number on the upgrade button represents the amount of scrap required to perform the upgrade. The upper portion of the information card lists the current tower statistics while the lower portion lists the statistics for the next available upgrade. Each tower comes in three variants: Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III. The first tower you place will be the Mk I variant.


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