Saddies: Attack!! and BDEF are coming to Linux

Saddies: Attack!! and BDEF coming to Linux through the Lutris gaming platform. Lutris is a gaming client for Linux. It gives you access to all your video games with the exception of the current console generation. You can, in a single interface, run any game from your childhood memories to the current multiplayer games. Integrations with stores like GOG and Steam allow you to import your existing game library and community maintained install scripts give you a completely automated setup.

Saddies: Attack!! has been available for Microsoft Windows users since early 2017. One of our main goals at Modoka is to deliver our platform to as many players as possible. We believe that this responsibility lies with the publisher, therefore we want to explore our PC titles to every major operating system.

BDEF is a new project that is set for release on Microsoft Windows and macOS. Adding Linux the line-up of the platforms means that we don’t isolate a possible audience.

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