Saddies: Attack!! update in the works (Google Play version)

Saddies: Attack!! update

The galaxy is under attack by the Saddies. The Saddies are out to claim the last remaining soul in the world. The player needs to defend his soul by controlling a space vehicle named the SGD-37. To do so, he can collect various power-ups to shoot the Saddies down. The Saddies: Attack!! update has no release date.

Saddies: Attack!! is a horizontal shooter game in which the player controls a laser cannon by moving it across the bottom of the screen by tilting the device (or using the arrow keys) firing at Saddies. Saddies: Attack!! released on June 4th 2017 for Android devices on Google Play worldwide.

There is a new Saddies: Attack!! update in the works. In this update, we tried to fix some common bugs andSaddies: Attack!! update screenshot 4 update the overall User Interface to improve the gaming experience. There is currently no release date, but we are aiming to have to update online in the duration of Q1 2019.

There are currently no new updates for the Windows and Chinese mobile version planned for development or release. You can get the Windows version exclusively on GamerGate (newly registered users only) and the Chinese version of the Mi Store.

We would love to hear your feedback and recommendation on what you want to see in the next updates. Modoka Studios Entertainment is driven by the fans, so be sure to give us your honest thoughts in order to improve your gaming experience!

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