We at Modoka Studios Entertainment have published projects for multiple indie studios and formed great alliances doing so. We would like to continue this. Do you need help with publishing your game? MODOKA can help you out with this.

There are many good games created by talented people. Unfortunately, not every game gets the recognition that it deserves. We at Modoka Studios Publishing are trying to help out. Our main priority is free games, games that can be enjoyed by anyone. Are you developing a free game, but fail to get it featured in the App Store, Google Play or Steam? Then we would love to assist.

By giving the games a larger audience, there will be more eyes on the developers in the future. Our goal is to contribute to a free-game scene and expand our partnerships.

For more information, about publishing and releasing, feel free to contact us through the contact form.


Contact us, and our staff will reply within 48h